As a geologist brought up on a farm, Bennett Price has always felt a closeness to soils and growing crops. His interest in wine began in the early 1970s with business friends who enjoyed home winemaking. This interest quickly expanded to grape growing.

In 1982, Bennett and his wife Davy purchased a vineyard in the Palisade area, east of Grand Junction, Colorado. They doubled its size, expanded the Chardonnay block, in planted the Cabernet Sauvignon, and established the first large block of Merlot vines in the state.

Bennett's pioneering spirit and innovation didn't stop there. He installed one of the first commercial micro-jet systems in western Colorado for their vineyard, and developed a vertical trellis with multiple wires to train the vines.

These efforts proved worthwhile. The vineyard doubled in size and trebled its prior production per acre. Others noticed, and asked Bennett to design and plant similar vineyards for them.

From the mid-80ís through mid-90ís he installed, or was instrumental in planning, many vineyards in Western Colorado. He attended viticulture classes at UC Davis in California, and cultivated enjoyable friendships with many winemakers in California as well as Oregon.

In 1996, he and his friend Steve Rhodes combined their knowledge and energy to produce several barrels of Colorado grown Pinot Noir and Merlot under the fledgling S. Rhodes winery license. Encouraged by those results, the Prices licensed and bonded their own DeBeque Canyon in 1997.

Slowly building the volume of wine production at DeBeque Canyon Winery, the Prices have earned their renown for producing full flavored red and white varietals. Their wines have won national awards, especially the Claret, a Bordeaux-style blend.

From home winemaking, to grape grower, to winemaker, Bennett and Davy have gone full circle to pursue their dream.